See a surprising time-lapse video of the longest partial lunar eclipse since 1440

The Griffith Observatory became the November 2021 partial lunar eclipse into a brief video.

Video screenshot via Amanda Kooser/CNET

Around the night of Nov. 18 and 19, our lunar neighbor placed on a display all through the longest partial lunar eclipse since 1440. Some moongazing diehards witnessed the entire match, however should you neglected out, you’ll be able to nonetheless benefit from the spotlight reel.

The Griffith Observatory in California livestreamed the development after which smooshed it down right into a pithy one-minute time-lapse video. The eclipse lasted just about 3.5 hours, so the quick model is reasonably condensed.   

The lunar eclipse would possibly had been partial — that means all the moon wasn’t lined via Earth’s shadow — nevertheless it used to be virtually overall, with only a skinny sliver left within the gentle. When you watch in moderation, you’ll be able to see the moon tackle a slight reddish hue.

The only-minute eclipse is an ideal option to get your repair temporarily, but when you want to savor your celestial occasions, you’ll be able to nonetheless rewatch the total Griffith Observatory circulation and linger at the sluggish wash of our planet’s shadow darkening the moon.

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