this new beast function will captivate your photos

The future flagship of Google should be entitled to a “magic eraser” to remove intruders from your images. This October 19, 2021, Google will lift the veil on its Pixel 6, probably one of the most anticipated smartphones of this end of the year. And if we already know a lot about the device, the … Read more

Top 15 tweets of the week # 330

It’s Monday and who says Monday, says top tweets of the week on So that the start of this new week goes better, we invite you to discover the 330th edition of our top tweets of the week. Like every week, our community manager kept watch on social networks in order to select tweets … Read more

revolution or lack of taste?

Toyota has just presented a strange three-wheeled scooter, sold for over € 2,500. Innovation sometimes comes down to details, little things that change everything. But sometimes it is also good to deconstruct the whole of a project, to resume it from its base. This is surely what the engineers at Toyota said, while the Japanese … Read more