Who are these “fininfluencers” who talk about finance and investments on the internet? – West-France evening edition

They are young, master the codes of social networks, and use them to talk about finance and investments. In particular, “fininfluencers” allow sellers of financial products to reach a young audience. And it works. Example with the American Austin Hankwitz. The world of finance is opening up to new horizons. Formerly reserved for white-collar workers, … Read more

promising results for a therapeutic trial in head and neck tumors

After a trial conducted on 1000 patients across the Channel, the experimental treatment has proven its effectiveness in successfully destroying tumors in patients at the end stage. The test patients, who show few side effects, have seen their life expectancy increase significantly. These are results that could mark a milestone in recent medical history. The … Read more

unvaccinated people relegated to the bottom of waiting lists

In the United States, several medical establishments are directing organ donations to patients who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, relegating the unvaccinated to the bottom of the transplant waiting lists. Unvaccinated people excluded from waiting lists for organ transplants The story of Leilani Lutali (56) from Colorado recently made headlines. A few weeks ago, the … Read more

WHO recommends additional dose of vaccine for immunocompromised

The pandemic has killed at least 4.8 million people around the world since the end of December 2019, according to a report established by Agence France-Presse (AFP), Monday, October 11, based on information communicated by states and authorities. national health. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, taking into account the excess mortality directly and indirectly … Read more

New treatment eradicates certain end-stage cancers

A new cancer treatment has been shown to be effective in eliminating tumors in patients with end-stage head and neck cancer (all cancers of the mouth, sinuses, nose or throat). The discovery was made during a trial to study the effectiveness of a cocktail of immunotherapy drugs, conducted by the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) … Read more

finding a treatment for terminally ill patients

The combination of two immunotherapy drugs helped kill tumors in end-stage brain and throat cancer patients, study finds. It is a historic essay that raises many hopes. Researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London, UK, found that the combination of two immunotherapy drugs could reduce … Read more

Incidence rate by department in France

By Julie M. Photos by Julie M. Posted on October 11, 2021 at 7:15 p.m. The incidence rate by department is an indicator to be monitored very closely in order to follow the evolution of the epidemic. We discover together the incidence rates of each department on Monday, October 11, 2021. THE’indicator to follow closely … Read more

Covid-19 – Lack of zinc, selenium … Is food an aggravating factor? Belgian researchers make a shattering discovery

Scientists at the University of Ghent in Belgium have published a study indicating that people who have fallen seriously ill from Covid-19 have one thing in common, namely a nutritional deficiency. “Almost all of the patients who ended up getting seriously ill or even dying in hospital had severe selenium and zinc deficiency in their … Read more