Shiba Inu on the way to take the third position in capitalization behind Bitcoin and Ethereum!

Shiba Inu continues to rise, and experts predict that memecoin is gearing up to be among the top three cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. According to experts, SHIB will change ADA in the current rally. Shiba Inu, the memecoin that became popular as a Dogecoin-killer, now ranks twelfth based on market capitalization, according to … Read more

The price of her dress will make you hallucinate

Fashion fan even during her pregnancy! After having caused a sensation with a beautiful floral jacket branded Balenciaga during the blind auditions of The Voice All-Stars, the juror Jenifer astonished everyone by showing a rounded belly during the cross battles of this new event season. Jenifer surprises the public and displays a very glamorous outfit … Read more

Neymar, “a terrible statement for PSG”

Neymar sharing his moods at the turn of an interview and going so far as to mention the end of his career, the signal sent is deplorable for PSG according to Jérôme Rothen. This is the buzz interview of the weekend: Neymar confessing to the DAZN platform a certain weariness – to put it mildly … Read more