why the world remains dependent on coal

SURVEY – Faced with the demand for energy and the exorbitant cost of gas, it is back in force, in reverse of the climate objectives which recommend the rapid end of this 19th century fuel.

The most polluting energy resource on the planet dies hard. When she should be on the verge of extinction, she comes back to life. An embarrassing observation three weeks before COP26, the global meeting which marks the progress of the fight against climate change.

In China, the government has just authorized the reopening of coal mines and has asked 72 sites to step up production. India, which has only four days of stocks, fears severe power cuts. Great Britain, whose electricity depends on gas, which has become too expensive, has restarted its coal-fired power stations. In Germany, electricity production from lignite or hard coal exceeded wind power in the first quarter due to unfavorable weather conditions. In France, as was already the case in September 2020 due to the lack of wind and damage at EDF, coal consumption has just skyrocketed even though the last four plants have to close.

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