WHO expert committee recommends third dose of vaccine for immunocompromised people and those over 60

VACCINATION – The recommendation concerns people over 60 years of age vaccinated with Sinopharm or Sinovac as well as people “moderately or severely immunocompromised”

A WHO expert committee recommended Monday to give an additional dose of anti-Covid vaccine to people “moderately or severely immunocompromised” for all vaccines approved by the UN agency.

The same committee said a third dose, for those 60 years of age or older, was needed for patients who have been immunized with anti-Covid vaccines from Chinese companies Sinovac and Sinopharm. The third dose may be another vaccine of another type, the WHO SAGE committee said at a press briefing.

In France, this third dose was already recommended for immunocompromised people, and a recall campaign began on October 1 for those over 65. This is also the case in other countries, such as Israel. But the third dose must take place at least six months after the second, and is currently not mandatory.

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