What are you risking if you do not declare your swimming pool?

Bercy goes hunting for undeclared swimming pools. The General Directorate of Public Finances will test a new tool in nine departments (Alpes-Maritimes (06), Var (83), Bouches-du-Rhône (13), Ardèche (07), Rhône (69), Haute-Savoie ( 74), Vendée (85), Maine-et-Loire (49) and Morbihan (56)) before generalizing it to the whole of France in 2022. In 2019, around 3000 undeclared swimming pools had been flushed out in a few weeks .

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Any addition to construction leads to an increase in the rental value which serves as the basis for establishing the property tax and the housing tax.“, Recalls the site of taxes. And is therefore taxable. This is the case for all swimming pools with a surface area of ​​more than 10 m², buried or above ground, which cannot be moved without demolishing it. You must, within 90 days of the issuance of the building permit (using this form), pay – only once – a development tax.

6 months in prison for a repeat offense

The flat-rate tax base is 200 euros per m². To which a municipal rate and a departmental rate apply. Thus, a 25 m² outdoor swimming pool in Cannes (06) will cost you 375 euros, according to the government simulator. In Annonay (07), the tax is 230 euros for the swimming pool. In La Roche-sur-Yon (85), it is a little more expensive: 275 euros. Finally, in Carnac (56), you will have to pay 305 euros.

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If an owner has not declared his swimming pool to the tax authorities – or has failed to apply for a permit from the town hall, builds a larger pool than expected or despite the refusal of the municipality – he can risk big. The fine is included “between 1,200 euros and an amount which may not exceed either, in the case of a construction of a floor area, an amount equal to 6,000 euros per m², or, in other cases, an amount of 300,000 euros»(Article L480-4 of the Town planning code). The court may also order the destruction of the swimming pool and the filling of the floor at your expense. In the event of a repeat offense, the offender risks, in addition to the fine, 6 months in prison.

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