The price of her dress will make you hallucinate

Fashion fan even during her pregnancy! After having caused a sensation with a beautiful floral jacket branded Balenciaga during the blind auditions of The Voice All-Stars, the juror Jenifer astonished everyone by showing a rounded belly during the cross battles of this new event season.

Jenifer surprises the public and displays a very glamorous outfit

In a beautiful spring dress, the 39-year-old artist couldn’t hide that she was expecting a third child. As with each of her appearances in public, the Instagram page Jenifer.Mode deciphered the outfit and indicated the provenance of this very chic outfit. A very useful account for people who would like to purchase this wonderful set.

For this outfit signed Isabel Marant, you will have to pay the sum of 2,086 euros to pay you this red and white skirt with geometric prints. The shirt that goes with it costs 580 euros. Regarding the boots, they cost 1,150 euros. In terms of accessories, the leather belt costs 580 euros. In total, this look costs the modest sum of 4,396 euros. It is not given !

An outfit that has been loaned

Admittedly sublime, this outfit does not belong to the singer. Thus, it is about a loan of the brands to the teams of the tele-hook of the One. A common thing on television. Popular and featured on a popular show, the 39-year-old artist is a great way for fashion designers to exhibit their creations to a large audience. Very secret about her private life, Jenifer had never spoken of this 3rd pregnancy in the press. But last September, she agreed to talk about this in the columns of Télé 7 Jours on her life as a mother of three children.

Thus, when the journalist told him that, now, “for the State, with three children, you are a large family”. She burst out laughing before giving in to confidences about her family life: “That’s it! And I vacuum and clean my toilet. There are a lot of moms who work and try to do their best. I do the same “.

A mother of three

After the birth of Aaron, his first son from his love with Maxime Nucci 18 years ago, Jenifer became the mother of little Joseph, born from his relationship with actor Thierry Neuvic in 2014. It is with her companion Ambroise Fieschi that the singer had her third child in May 2020 as indicated by the journalists of the press people.

The opportunity to talk about Jenifer’s journey. She spent her youth in Nice where she was born in November 1982. At 14, she appeared on television in the program. Star Seed. Jenifer left her studies at the age of 16. She leaves Nice to go to Paris, where she does more odd jobs and castings.

In January 2002 when she won the first edition of the star Academy, on TF1. She is only 19 years old and records her first album which has sold a million copies. In 2004, she released her second opus The passage. Between 2007 and 2012 three albums, followed one another in the bins: Whimsical, Call me Jen and Love and me. Since 2012, she participates in the show The Voice on TF1 as a coach with Garou or Florent Pagny.

In 2013, an album of song covers was released, My statement, at the origin of a controversy between the two singers. Jenifer then decides to cancel the tour scheduled for the end of the year. She launches a new challenge and begins during the summer of 2013 the shooting of her first film, The Francis, a comedy directed by Fabrice Begotti which was released in 2014.

In 2015, she indicated that she left the show The Voice after four seasons. In 2016, she published a new album, Secret paradise. In early 2017, she began a tour to accompany the release of the album. In2017, she survives with her team at a terrible traffic accident on the tour bus. A young woman died and several people were seriously injured. Jenifer announces that she is suspending her tour. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will tell you about Jenifer’s news.

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