Soso Maness quits concert to help harassed girl

With Petrushka and his remix, which made a hit this summer, Soso Maness is in full buzz and continues a tour of shows. The onethis has narrowly stopped the aggression of one of his fans during his concert, by stopping the live.

We knew Soso Maness was a good guy, and his kindness is known. What we knew less is that the rapper from Marseille is a bit feminist around the edges. During one of his concerts, this weekend of October 9, Soso simply stopped the music to defend a young woman.

Big correction for the stalker

On a video that quickly turned on the networks, we see very clearly Soso Maness stopping the concert to resume a man who in all likelihood had been harassing a young woman since the start of the concert. An attitude that did not escape the rapper of 13, and that the latter did not let pass.

In a few sentences, the Marseille artist firmly destroys the alleged harasser: “buddy, leavethe quiet please “, say againtthere four times in a row. A great example of what men can do to help women in their cause, and it even expands: “respect women”. Even though Soso Maness never spoke up on feminism, we can guess that, probably, he was very annoyed by a man who insisted too much on one of the women in the front row..

At a time when rap, and the music industry as a whole, is widely criticized for discriminating against women, the gesture of Soso Maness is good, and give hope. Because rap concerts, and especially those of the Marseille rapper, are made for fun, and the latter will not let women have less fun than men.

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