Neymar violently insulted by a journalist who thought his microphone was off!

The weeks go by and Neymar continues to talk about him, for good and bad. The 29-year-old Brazilian prodigy has had a complicated start with Paris-Saint Germain since the arrival at the club of his friend Lionel Messi. Less decisive than in the past, he seems more interested in the pleasures of Parisian life than in football, and he has also just indicated that the World Cup in Qatar in a year could well be his last. In view of this competition, Brazil is currently playing the qualifiers and Kylian MbappĂ©’s teammate was on the pitch last night against Colombia.

At the end of a rather dull match, which ended with a sad 0-0, Neymar once again showed complacency and his performance visibly ulcerated a journalist who was commenting on the match for the big Brazilian television channel, TV Globo. While his teammates congratulated each other on the field after this mixed meeting, the PSG footballer returned directly to the locker room without worrying about his partners. It was probably too much for this journalist who called Neymar “an idiot” ! Thinking that he was not on the air and that he was not heard, the sports journalist therefore allowed himself to insult the former Nike muse.

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