Ben Simmons finally back with the Sixers ?!

And if Ben simmons finally rejoining the Philadelphia Sixers while waiting for a trade to really materialize? We are not there yet, but it seems that Australia and its representatives have decided to put water in their wine in recent hours.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, talks have resumed between the two camps and Simmons could return to the squad this week, just before the season resumes. Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers represent Philadelphia in this thorny case where the All-Star point guard has decided not to report to his employer until he is transferred. According to Woj, this doesn’t change the fact that the priority of both camps is to get a trade as fast as possible.

Nonetheless, no satisfactory offer for the Sixers has reached their desk to date. In Philadelphia, we continue to ensure that the priority is to convince Ben Simmons to stay and to honor at least the first part of his contract of 4 years and $ 147 million.

Ben Simmons ready to play Sacramento, the Kings in action?

We imagine that Simmons is even less eager to stay and suffer the wrath of the fans, since he has seen the campaign of teasing and annoyance about him intensify in recent weeks. From the local weather presenter to the “alligator guy”, all Sixers fans have taken the former No. 1 Draft in the cold.

It seems that the strategy initially recommended by Rich Paul and Klutch Sports has found its limits, since it did not encourage the Sixers to be less demanding and more flexible in their request for counterpart in a trade. Last I heard Indiana and Portland were the two most pushy franchises, with Sacramento and Minnesota on the prowl in case the price drops significantly.

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