accused of making her children miss school, Amandine Pellissard (Large families) replies

Amandine Pellissard, well known by fans of Large families: life in XXL on TF1, gave a new live on Instagram this Sunday evening. Internet users criticized him for making his children miss school because of his business trips. The mother of the tribe of eight children did not give way, as always …

Since this Monday, the (many) faithful of Large families, life in XXL discovered the new season of the program which follows the daily life of tribes like no other. The public got to know six new families on TF1. The show was a great success, bringing together more than a million viewers in front of their small screen. Among these extraordinary families, there are the Pellissards, with the couple formed by Amandine and Alexandre, and their eight children. A ninth is in the pipeline despite two miscarriages. Leo’s mother had given her news via Instagram while stressing that she was not the only one to experience this kind of drama. “We realize that we are not alone, far from it, we even realize thatwe are very, very many to experience this situation, more than you think (…) Unfortunately, I had already had a miscarriage in September that I had not revealed, well not immediately on the networks, because I did not feel the strength“, had confided Alexander’s companion.

Amandine Pellissard faces many criticisms

In addition to these tragedies, the latter is the victim of many criticisms. Between those who accuse her of having had so many children to benefit from family allowances, who question the education of her toddlers, or who usurp her identity or her personal data, the mother of the XXL tribe is faced with courage. Recently, she opened up to Jeremstar’s microphone about her descent into hell after being abused by her uncle. For a few days, the mother was in Paris for professional reasons, and this weekend she took some of her children to Disneyland Paris. After this rather intensive stay, she made a live on Instagram. During it, several internet users accused him of making his children miss school, because of its regular trips to the capital.

“I am not accountable to you!”

As usual, the heroine of the late afternoons of TF1 did not fail to answer them, in her own way. “I’m not answering you because in fact I am not accountable to you! I am accountable to my children’s school, so as long as everything is connected with them, that’s the main thing“she defended herself.”I don’t care what you say about school. As long as the school is ok and it’s tied up with them, that we agree on how we do it, how we catch up, it’s up to us, it’s not you “ she estimated. The tribe’s mother of eight finally spoke to those asking fiercely, as if their life depended on it ‘why do they miss school for three days?’ ” But what can it do to you!“.” Don’t worry, my kids are studious, they are doing well in their school year, I’m behind and that’s what matters. And after everything that happened last year, if there are three days of blowing up to make things live that will put stars in their eyes for years, well I blast them“, she concluded.

The sequence in question can be found 12 minutes from the start of the video below.

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