Who are these “fininfluencers” who talk about finance and investments on the internet? – West-France evening edition

They are young, master the codes of social networks, and use them to talk about finance and investments. In particular, “fininfluencers” allow sellers of financial products to reach a young audience. And it works. Example with the American Austin Hankwitz.

The world of finance is opening up to new horizons. Formerly reserved for white-collar workers, this universe is expanding its circle to include users of the TikTok social network. The American Austin Hankwitz is 25 years old. In his TikTok profile picture, he is seen seated, a beige jacket and a blue striped shirt on his back. His haircut and square glasses keep him away from the clichés of web influencers, and we would rather see him working in a typical company. However, the young man is followed by more than half a million subscribers on the favorite social network of teens!

On his videos, we rarely see the head of the influencer. Usually, he shows his computer screen or a notebook marked with a pen, thanks to which he explains how to invest with only 10 dollars (8.65 €), or what car to buy, or why you should not believe in it. retirement insurance… All in bulk, with no real common thread. But these videos reach a wide audience, who do not hesitate to follow the advice given.

Advice not always free

This advice is not always free. Being an “influencer” also means signing partnerships with brands. In this video, for example, we see Austin Hankwitz touting the miles and quality of his new computer.

@austinhankwitz #ad Becoming a creator was unexpected, but so rewarding. Can’t wait to see how things change now that I’m on an #IntelEvo powered device! @intel ♬ original sound – Austin Hankwitz

He specifies that the video is sponsored, but the border is fine in each of these videos. This mix of genres also benefits companies that team up with the “fininfluencer”. BlockFi, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, pays it for example 25 dollars for each person registered thanks to a special code. The Public.com trading app offers him monthly compensation and company equity for a contract that includes replacing Yahoo Finance’s stock charts with their own, says Bloomberg , cited by the site Korii .

Austin Hankwitz says he earns about $ 500,000 (about € 432,500) per year from sharing his financial advice. In addition to this jackpot, he has built up a stock portfolio of $ 1.3 million (around € 1.1 million) thanks to the money received from the brands he works with.

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