What will the first Brittany Games in history look like? – Brittany

How to make the population aware of the question of the attachment of Loire Atlantique to administrative Brittany without appearing too techno or political? By organizing the first “Brittany Games” in the five departments of the historic region. In Nantes, the deputy for Breton Stakes Florian Le Teuff, a big supporter of the reunification of Brittany, dreamed of it. And it will be a reality in a few months. During a press point, this Sunday in Nantes at the Little Atlantique Brewery (LAB) on the banks of the Loire, the organizers presented in detail the event which will be held from July 1 to 10, 2022. A place not chosen at random since it will host the opening night of these first “Breton Olympics” in history, on July 1, in a festive moment with the bagad of Nantes, the circle of Clisson and an independent rock group (Bantam Lyons).

Selections in ten Breton towns

For this first edition, the City of the Dukes of Brittany will act as the host city for the “athletes”. A village, as for the Olympic Games, will also be installed there. Various events will be organized during these ten days, and throughout Brittany. To access the final phase in Nantes, participants will first be selected in each of the five departments through puck and Breton boules tournaments. Ten cities were chosen for this phase: Brest, Pont Aven, Ploemeur, Pontivy, Saint-Brieuc, Dinan, Rennes, Redon, Nantes and Clisson.

Gathered around a non-profit association, the organizers expect more than 10,000 participants in all the events, with a target of 100,000 spectators. 400 volunteers and 50 clubs and associations will be mobilized. On the program: “cycling epic” between Brest and Nantes via the famous canal, strides through Brittany to discover Nantes’ heritage, Breton wrestling (gouren) in the courtyard of the Dukes of Brittany castle, Gaelic football tournament at the Michel-Lecointre stadium, nautical jousting on the Erdre… A large blind football tournament (players with visual impairments) will also be organized.

Ram-shaped medals

As for the Olympics, medals will be awarded to the winners of these events. Like the logo of the event, they take the shape of a ram – maout in Breton. A nod to these real animals which were offered during Breton festivals where traditional games were organized. Beyond the sporting events, several events will also be offered to defend Breton culture and the language. For example, a graffiti of around one hundred meters will be painted in Nantes on the theme of Brittany. The public will also be able to attend concerts, or discover a competition for the best craft beer in Brittany. The whole thing will end with a giant banquet and a fest-noz, on July 9, still in the courtyard of the castle.

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