Was Mbappé’s goal of victory against Spain valid?

Mbappé’s goal of victory (2-1) in the League of Nations scored by Mbappé against La Roja on Sunday sparked an outcry in Spain, where supporters and media accuse the referees of having overlooked an offside attacker French

In the 80th minute, well started by Théo Hernandez, Kylian Mbappé inherits the ball and adjusts the Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon, giving the advantage to the Blues. The Spaniards then rushed to the referee, the Englishman Anthony Taylor, to claim an offside, a situation immediately taken over by the VAR. The goal is quickly validated, due to the missed intervention of the defender Eric Garcia who, by trying to intercept the pass from Hernandez, could only deviate his trajectory and put Mbappé in play.

On this point, the rules decreed by the IFAB, the body governing the laws of the game, are clear: “a player in an offside position who receives a ball deliberately played by an opponent, including with the hand or the arm, is not considered to gain any advantage from his position, except in the case of a deliberate rescue by an opponent. “

For former French international referee Joël Quiniou, the decision is good, he said. “Garcia, who tried to play the ball, who touched it and deflected it from its race, put Mbappé on the line. We cannot consider this to be an unintentional gesture. “

“Correctly applied”

“This is a textbook case,” Judge Bertrand Layec, also a former arbitrator. “In the position phase, Mbappé is offside, but from the moment the defender plays the ball deliberately, it is put back into play. We can agree or not with the law, but it has been correctly applied. “

In Spain, however, this goal created controversy. “They are destroying football”, headlined Monday Marca, the best-selling newspaper in Spain, adding that “an incomprehensible intervention by the VAR on a new and ridiculous offside rule has ruined (the hopes of ) Spain ”.

“Injustice”, for its part posted in large capital letters the Catalan daily Sport, deeming the decision “scandalous”. “With” the old testament “, (the ball touched by Eric Garcia) would never have canceled the offside. But with the “new testament”, so changing, yes “, tackled Monday Alfredo Relaño, honorary president of the sports newspaper As and respected voice of Spanish football.

One of the only dissonant voices in Spain is that of former referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez: “The players have to know the rules. They have a lot of free time and there are only 17 rules ”said this ex-referee turned consultant, adding that“ if Eric Garcia touches it, there is a goal ”.

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