War Thunder: it leaks defense secret information on a forum

Game news War Thunder: it leaks defense secret information on a forum


A massively multiplayer online game, War Thunder is a simulation where players drive military vehicles. The game is meant to be as close as possible to reality, but sometimes that is not enough. This is evidenced by secret military documents published on the game’s forum.

Unknown to the general public, War Thunder offers its players to pilot war machines (mainly from the Second World War and the Cold War) as if they were there. Helicopters, aircraft carriers, tanks … Almost everything happens in this military simulation, which is intended to be the closest to reality. Released in 2013, the title is still active today and the development studio provides its players with regular updates.

When history is rewritten

The latter are also active on the War Thunder forum and in particular on the part dedicated to History. In this section, players debate, discuss, and learn about the real and historical characteristics of the 1,800 war machines present in the game.. Obviously, it happens that there are some liberties taken by the developers of Gaijin Entertainment since the secrets of these vehicles are subject to military secrecy. Freedoms taken which are not to everyone’s taste: last weekend, debates took place around the Leclerc tanks (created in 1978) and in particular around the speed of rotation of the gun which would be incorrect. That of the game would rotate at 40 degrees per second, while that of reality at 31 degrees per second. To prove it, one of the users publishes confidential documents on this model of tank while specifying that he has already driven some.. Behavior directly sanctioned by moderation.

It’s no fun posting classified documents about modern weaponry. You are putting the lives of those who work with these vehicles on the line every day. Please keep in mind that such posts will be removed with immediate penalties.

And this is not the first time that such behavior has been reported. In July of this year, it was the FV4034 Challenger 2 that was the subject of such an event. Integrated this summer in an update, the model of the British tank differed from reality according to one user. To support his remarks, he publishes a document classified as a defense secret. Like the previous case, moderation seizes the subject and has written confirmation that the document is classified defense, which results in its deletion.

Regardless of the manner in which these said documents are obtained, it is forbidden to use their information. This therefore puts Gaijin Entertainment in a difficult position since it cannot use the information contained in these documents to update erroneous models. In any case, the studio had declared that it did not want to use sources of information whose publication has not been made available and has not been fully declassified.

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