Volcanic eruption in La Palma: new lava flow destroys cement plant, 3,000 people confined because of gas fumes

The new lava flow causes significant damage on the island of La Palma. This Monday, a cement plant was destroyed causing significant gas emissions and the confinement of 3,000 inhabitants.

the Cumbre Vieja volcano is eruption since September 19. Since then, the island of La Palma (archipelago of Canary Islands, Spain) and its inhabitants live a real hell, to the rhythm of explosions and lava flows. For the biggest disaster of its kind recorded in the last 100 years on the island.

This weekend, the phenomenon took another turn and another dimension. With collapse part of the northern part of the cone and the formation of a second lava flow, faster (700 meters per hour), and capable of transporting blocks as high as three-story buildings. In just 24 hours, the lava-ravaged area increased by 11% for a total of 600 hectares covered in magma, according to our colleagues from La Vanguardia.


A river of lava that entered the industrial estate of Callejon de la Gata. And who ended up devastating the cement plant de Los Llanos this Monday. Result, 3,000 inhabitants were confined following to gas emissions.

The technical director of the volcanic risk prevention plan (Pevolca) Miguel Ángel Morcuende also announced that the gas is being analyzed, and that the inhabitants concerned by the measure would be confined at least until the results are received.

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