Volcanic eruption in La Palma – An exceptional volcanic “thunderbolt” filmed this Monday above the crater

A rare phenomenon occurred this Monday, October 11 above the crater of Cumbre Vieja which erupted on September 19.

In a video published by the Institute of Volcanology of the Canaries (Involcan), we can observe an exceptional phenomenon of “volcanic lightning”, the first of its kind observed since the beginning of the eruption. The lightning above the erupting crater of Cumbre Vieja captured on October 11 by scientists from the Involcan Institute is exceptional. You have to be careful and wait for the 8th second of the video below to see the lightning appear. A sequence filmed this Monday, October 11, a day marked once again by strong volcanic activity.

Una de nuestras compañeras ha captado un rayo volcánico (seg 8 del vídeo). Las cenizas y los piroclastos that arroja el volcán initially its neutros (sin carga eléctrica), pero the fricción between ellos in a hostile environment provoca the liberación de ions in el penacho volcánico. pic.twitter.com/MxIfy9PiRR

– INVOLCAN (@involcan) October 11, 2021

According to the latest information provided by local authorities, more than 65 hectares of lava have been expelled in the past 24 hours. This Monday, lava covers 591 hectares of the island of La Palma.

According to specialists, the ashes and the pyroclastics ejected by a volcano are initially neutral, that is to say without electric charge, but the friction between them in a clearly hostile or extremely hot environment, causes the release of ions in the plume. volcanic. It is when the volcanic cloud exhibits differences in electrical charges that lightning strikes or volcanic lightning are produced.

The eruption of certain volcanoes also makes it possible to observe the formation and evolution of large-magnitude electrical discharges in the atmosphere.

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