VIDEO. Pink October: Cynthia, Pauline and Emilie are thirty years old and have breast cancer

Like every year in October, the “Pink October” breast cancer prevention campaign seeks to alert women to the need to be screened. While the tests mainly target women over 50, each year 3,000 women under 40 are affected by the disease.

For Pauline, the announcement came as a shock: “you fall from a building, your life is collapsing”. The young woman was diagnosed at 32, when she was a young mother. Cynthia, 36, discovered her tumor when she was 31 while self-palpating – a recommended practice, but little known to young women. Since then, via her Tiktok account, she has been raising awareness among a young audience about the subject and tackling many topics related to cancer, such as sexuality, sport or even hair loss.

Emilie was diagnosed a year ago at the age of 33. “For me, breast cancer was for the elderly. It was at 50 that I would have started to worry! “” We must stop saying that women should be tested after 50 years. Yes, they must be tested after 50 years, but above all, they must be tested before! Life is long, and it’s very hard to get sick at that age, ”Pauline warns. Especially since the lack of screening among young women delays the treatment of cancer, which can thus worsen.

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