Validated: Brahim Bouhlel still imprisoned in Morocco – News Series on TV

Brahim Boulhel, the troublemaker of the “Validé” series, has been imprisoned in Marrakech for five months after the broadcast of a video that scandalized the country.

Mika Cotellon – Mandarin Television / Canal +

Big absent from the promotional tour of season 2 of Validé which will be launched this evening on Canal +, the actor Brahim Bouhlel, interpreter of the troublemaker Brahim, is still imprisoned in Morocco.

Last April, Moroccan justice sentenced the actor to eight months in prison because of a video. Deemed offensive, she quickly made the rounds of social networks, causing a real movement of anger in Morocco.

In it, Brahim Bouhlel, Sammy Tami, an influencer known by the pseudonym Zbarbooking, and actor Hedi Bouchenafa made fun of three underage people in a restaurant in Marrakech while uttering insults.

A “bad joke“who drove the actor behind bars for”broadcasting a video of a person without their consent” and “hijackingr “.

If Hedi Bouchenafa had left Morocco before the start of the investigation, Brahim Bouhlel and Sammy Tami have been imprisoned for five months in a 30 m² cell they share with fifteen other detainees.

According to our colleagues from Parisian, Brahim Bouhlel, whose appeal and pardon requests were rejected, “patiently takes his illness and has finally resigned himself to serving his sentence to the end “.

Invited on the set of Quotidien on September 30 for the launch of season 2 of Validé, Franck Gastambide gave his news. “He happens to make phone calls once a week so I have him on the phone once a week. These are little two-minute calls. It’s a bit short to take the temperature and find out if he’s really okay. I have the feeling that he is holding on“.

And to continue, “Obviously, he is aware that the comments made in this parody video hurt people. That is indisputable. But the least we can say is that he’s paying dearly. “.

Brahim Bouhlel should be released from prison in early December.

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