Thomas Pesquet publishes photos of Brest, Rennes, Saint-Malo and Quiberon seen from space – Thomas Pesquet’s new mission on the ISS

Astronaut and… photographer. Thomas Pesquet has just published three new photos of Brittany taken from space, and more precisely from the ISS, on Twitter. This time it is the cities of Brest, Rennes, Saint-Malo, Dinard and Quiberon.

“When the ISS flies over France, it arrives either from the southwest or from the northwest. In the second case, Brittany is the first land in sight after the Atlantic Ocean ”, explains the French astronaut, who has just taken the commander of the ISS for a week, to justify these new pictures of the Breton point.

These photos of Brittany are among the last that Thomas Pesquet should offer: his mission must end at the end of the month, with a return to earth on that date.


“Brest under the SUN and the #ArtGriculture motifs all around”, writes Pesquet.

Brest. (Thomas Pesquet)

Saint-Malo / Dinard

“Saint-Malo, to which the ramparts give a very unique aspect from space, and Dinard opposite. The white spots in the Baie du Prieuré and more generally everywhere on the Rance are in fact moored boats ”.

Saint-Malo and Dinard.
Saint-Malo and Dinard. (Thomas Pesquet)


“Swell on the Quiberon peninsula that makes the waves rustle and change the color of the water. At least force 6 on the Beaufort scale, if I remember my navigation lessons ”.

Quiberon (Thomas Pesquet)


“Rennes, one of the largest student cities in France, is also renowned for its musical and cultural life (I am told there is a correlation)”.

Rennes (Thomas Pesquet)

Thomas Pesquet also begins this Monday, an unprecedented experience with 4,500 classes in France, including several in Brittany, on the blob.

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