this store has found an unstoppable method to avoid speculation

The PS5 is still highly sought after by speculators. To effectively combat resale in the second-hand market, a Japanese store decided to write the name of each buyer on the box of the home console.

PS5 box
Credit: Phonandroid

Almost a year after its release on the market, the PlayStation 5 remains a scarce commodity. Due to the high demand and production difficulties encountered by Sony, many players have not yet been able to get their hands on the console. The proliferation of scalpers (or speculators) contributed to the worsening of the shortage.

These speculators buy PS5s en masse, to the detriment of ordinary buyers, with the sole aim of reselling them. The consoles are then sold on second-hand sales sites, like eBay or LeBonCoin, at sky-high prices. To fight speculation, many brands have taken measures. Some dealers have set up queue systems or restrict the purchase to a single machine.

Japanese store declares war on PS5 scalpers

To put an end to the speculation, a Japanese store decided to go even further. As several Internet users report on Twitter, Nojima Denki store writes each buyer’s name on the console box with these markers and ballpoint pens.

De facto, the inscription remains visible even after it has been deleted. The buyer’s name remains visible no matter what. This marking complicates resale. We imagine that speculators wish prevent their real name from appearing openly on the object resold at a gold price.

“Most resellers wish to remain anonymous. The store requires you to use your point card account or your ID, I think, so having their real name written on it is a major inconvenience for resellers ”, explains YouTuber Monster Hunter, who relays the information on his Twitter account.

Nojima Denki does not stop there. The employees of the brand are also responsible open and remove the cardboard that holds the DualSense controller. Here again, this precaution aims to complicate resale on the second-hand market. What do you think of these measures? Should this system be generalized? We await your opinion in the comments below.

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