This new “Lug Nut” challenge on TikTok is extremely dangerous

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What is this famous challenge that amuses American teens so much at the moment? Well it’s pretty straightforward actually. Young people go to the popular social network, TikTok. Once on the app, all they have to do is film themselves loosening the nuts on a car and then see the result.

We already hope that after these short explanations, you have grasped the dangerousness of the thing. This kind of action can result in the loss of a wheel during the journey. An incident which can be the cause of a very serious accident. Suffice to say that we do not joke with that. But some of America’s youth don’t seem to agree.

Just recently, a Massachusetts motorist was the victim of this challenge. His wheel then came off while he was driving.

But the most worried in this story are the teachers. The latter are indeed on the front line against young students, targets of this ridiculous challenge.

No traces in France

For the moment, no trace of this challenge has been detected in France. Let’s hope that this continues and that the French youth show a little more discernment and common sense. Especially since it is an illegal act and punishable by prison …

Clement Fauriel

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