the unifying speeches of Deschamps and Pogba at half-time

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In the aftermath of the French team’s great victory against Spain in the final of the League of Nations (3-2), the Youtube channel of the Blues posted the film and behind the scenes of this thrilling meeting. We can in particular attend the speeches of Didier Deschamps and Paul Pogba at half-time, when the score was 0-0 and the match very undecided.

The French coach said: “Oh calm, calm. We hurt them, we can hurt them, we will hurt them but not like that. We make the efforts, we quadrille, whoever recovers finds the right pass to get out of this area and then go forward. It means seeing better and having more availability. It’s a fight, it’s hard but we don’t give up. Come on, 45 minutes ago, there will have to make efforts, we are going and we have to hurt them more. “

The Manchester United midfielder harangued his teammates: “We have to be aggressive in front and behind, we get the ball and we attack. Yes we are going to run, they are good quality players but we also have qualities. As soon as we have the ball, we keep me and we will hurt them. When we go in the second half, we go aggressive, we do real pressing. “

Possible that these two speeches are partly at the origin of the second half of much better bill for the France team.

to summarize

On YouTube, the account of the France team published the film of the final of the League of Nations between France and Spain (2-1) yesterday in San Siro. We can notably see the speeches of Didier Deschamps and Paul Pogba at halftime.

Etienne Leray

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