The supporter stolen after France-Belgium recovered the jersey of Koundé

The supporter attacked after the France-Belgium Nations League match finally recovered Jules Koundé’s jersey. Involved in this sad affair, a rapper from Marseille contacted him and gave him the stolen tunic on the sidelines of the final against Spain this Sunday.

The case caused a lot of noise in France and was perhaps one of the big black spots of the semi-final of the League of Nations between the Blues and Belgium. Attacked at the stadium, a French supporter had had Jules Koundé’s jersey stolen by other fans. After a strong mobilization on social networks, the Marseille rapper Mehdi Yz who found himself involved in this story found the fan to return the tunic of the defender of the France and Sevilla team on the sidelines of the final won on Sunday against Spain (2-1). Victim of this mishap, Clément confirmed the beautiful news to him on his Twitter account from Turin.

“Mehdi Yz brought me the jersey for the semi-final this evening, launched this football fan. All of Marseille mobilized to find the jersey, Mehdi and three of his friends did 700km to return the jersey. Apology accepted for Mehdi who arranged for me to recover the jersey. “

“I appreciate the gesture of Mehdi and the Marseillais”

Very quickly targeted by Internet users, due to a video in which fans congratulated themselves on having recovered Jules Koundé’s jersey at all costs, Mehdi Yz then scrambled to contact Clément and return him the flocked tunic of number 5 If the police are working on this file, the attacked supporter has asked for leniency for the rapper from Marseille.

“Please stop the insults, he showed me his messages, we can not condone that. In this tweet I denounced but I appreciate the gesture of Mehdi and the Marseillais who mobilized, again launched Clément. in the end, everything will work out, the police are on the spot. Thank you all for your help! “

Again starting in the Nations League final won against La Roja, Jules Koundé himself was moved by the situation and contacted the unfortunate supporter during Final 4.

“Jules Koundé contacted me, it got to his ears,” Clement said to RMC Sport on the eve of the final. […] He was very disappointed to see what happened in the stadium for a simple jersey, it’s quite sad. And then he said to me ‘don’t worry, I’ll keep your jersey for the final warm’. He gave me the number of the FFF security manager so that I could get in touch with, for the rest of the process. “

It remains to be seen whether this Blues fan was finally able to meet the defender or recover the precious tunic worn against Spain.

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