The supporter attacked after France-Belgium has recovered the jersey of Koundé / League of Nations / Demies / France-Belgium (3-2) /

The magic of social networks.

Clément has had a strange week. While Koundé had given him his jersey after the semi-final against Belgium on Thursday (3-2), an individual came to attack him in the spans to recover the Sevillian tunic. The latter was found in the Instagram story of a rapper from Marseille, Mehdi Yz. This Sunday, after the victory of the Blues against the Roja in Milan (2-1), the victim confirmed to have recovered his jersey.

“All of Marseille mobilized to find the jersey, Mehdi and three of his friends traveled 700km to return the jersey to me. Apology accepted for Mehdi who made sure that I got the jersey back » , he wrote on Twitter. He could even inherit two liquettes, since Koundé, put in the scent of his misadventure, had promised him to keep “The jersey for the warm final” .

Would he have given it back if he hadn’t posted it on Twitter?

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