The municipality of Montreux victim of a cyberattack

The hacking of the services of the municipal administration of Montreux was identified this Sunday, October 10, in the morning. A crisis unit has been set up with the Association Sécurité Riviera (ASR) and the Vaud cantonal police. Analyzes are underway to determine if any data has been encrypted and stolen. The facts were reported to the criminal authorities.

First results this Monday

“It may be that the attack dates from one to two weeks at the most,” said Dounya Schürmann-Kabouya, spokesperson for the ASR. The first emergency technical measures have been taken. “We have cut our IT system from that of the State of Vaud as a security measure. We no longer have wifi or internet. We are a little cut off from the world, ”she explains. The ASR website is currently down.

“An in-depth analysis has started with the support of experts from the canton and the Confederation, as well as a specialized external partner to provide an adequate response to such an incident,” writes the ASR in its press release. It is also a question of evaluating “the impacts for the various partners having recourse to the services of the IT department of Montreux.”

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According to the spokesperson, a first assessment of the impacts on the servers and data of the municipal administration could be known as of tomorrow, Monday, October 11.

For the sake of transparency, the crisis unit will regularly communicate the new elements in its possession via the social networks of the City of Montreux and the ASR, as well as on the website

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This cyberattack is reminiscent of the one against the town of Rolle, also in the canton of Vaud. The hacking of the municipal administration took place at the end of May, but was not communicated until the end of August. Data had been encrypted, stolen and ended up on the darkweb.

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