the less astounding results of Road Safety

Drugs and driving are a scourge, just like alcohol. To be convinced, it is only necessary to consult the statistics of Road Safety. These tell us that in 2019 (pre-Covid year, therefore with heavier traffic than in 2020), 23% of road fatalities were in an accident involving a driver (male in most cases). all cases), and under the influence of narcotics.

Almost a quarter of deaths, therefore, the same proportion as in 2015, even though the police have in the meantime been provided with saliva tests very easy to implement at the roadside, capable to deliver their verdict in a minute. A second test, also saliva, then confirms the positive nature of the first.

Remember that the motorist whose use of narcotics is confirmed incurs penalties of 2 years imprisonment and a fine of 4,500 euros, as well as the loss of 6 points on his driving license.

More than 398,000 preventive or infringement tests were thus carried out in 2020 – against 118,000 five years earlier – for a positivity rate of… 20%! (1)

n the 6.8 million blood alcohol tests performed during the same period, the positivity rate was only 3%.

Let’s be clear, this is not about trying to reduce the seriousness of the phenomenon of drink driving, but quite simply to insist on the need to increase drug controls: when you look for it, you find it!

These figures are part of a context of the widespread trivialization of cannabis. According to a Jam / Maaf Prévention study from December 2020, 32% of young people aged 18-24 say they smoke cannabis, and even every week for 17% of them.

On the other hand, it appears that half of the drivers who test positive for drugs simultaneously display a positive blood alcohol level. Drugs and alcohol are incompatible with driving, all the more so when they are combined: ” the drug / alcohol cocktail multiplies by 29 the risk of having a fatal accident. In question: the cumulative effects of feelings of power and disinhibition, combined with the weakening of reflexes », Indicates Road Safety. A message still too inaudible, obviously.

(1) Source: 2020 Road Safety Report

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