The largest pumpkin in Europe weighs over a tonne, a world record! – West-France evening edition

The biggest pumpkin in Europe has just been unveiled in Germany, during one of the biggest festivals in the world dedicated to these orange-colored squash. An XXL cucurbit that exceeds 1.2 tonnes.

(Map: Ouest-France)

With autumn starting to settle in France, it’s seasonal news: the largest pumpkin in Europe was unveiled on October 10, 2021 in the city of Ludwigsburg (Louisbourg), Germany, during the one of the biggest festivals in the world dedicated to this orange vegetable. The huge squash weighs 1217.5 kg and comes from Tuscany, Italy. This XXL cucurbit, which is almost the average weight of a car, was produced by Italian farmer Stefano Cutrupi. The latter is not a novice in terms of pumpkin competition, since he already set the world record a few days ago, in September, with this same pumpkin, which then displayed 1,226 kg on the scale. A slightly higher weight, because you should know that cucurbits gradually lose their mass as soon as they are torn from the ground.

Belgium occupies the second position. According to the Belga news agency, the pumpkin from farmer Mario Vangeel weighed 1,106.5 kg. In third place, cocorico! The French market gardener Mehdi Daho climbs on the podium with a vegetable displaying 983.5 kg on the scale!

A technical and precise culture

A great performance for whoever is also French champion of the discipline in 2021. On October 3, 2021, Mehdi Daho and his exceptional squash broke the record for the largest vegetable in France, reports the website

Asked by our colleagues, Mehdi Daho confided that his success was the result of a combination of different factors: growing his vegetables in greenhouses much larger than the average, using seeds that have already undergone intense heat, making sure optimal irrigation as well as precise management of the pH to better control the acidity of the soil. A true work of goldsmith in which Mehdi Daho “Measure everything”.

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