the incredible strength of character of the Blues

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After the first 45 minutes, the Blues again gave the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by their opponent and that the penalty would fall in the second period. This is what happened just after the hour mark when Mikel Oyarzabal opened the scoring. Except that, in this 2021 Nations League, the France team loves reversals. Three days after leaving Belgium (3-2) being led 0-2, France this time overthrown La Roja (2-1). Failing to offer an enticing game lasting 90 minutes, the world champions at least have the merit of not giving up, even in difficult situations.

And that, the Blues are not little proud. Starting with Jules Koundé. “It was difficult, we showed great strength of character. We suffered a lot, but we made the effort together. I don’t think there are any doubts. We succeeded against Belgium, nothing is ever over. Tonight (Sunday), it’s easier when Karim scores quickly, otherwise they gain confidence and it broke their momentum. We intended to go and hurry them. I think there are quite a few times when we haven’t done it very well. We left the pass a little too easily on the other side, we ran a lot. We managed to hinder them, they lost a few balls and we were very effective. “

A reaction of champions

At the microphone of M6, Karim Benzema validated the feeling of Sevillian and better than that elsewhere. For KB9, this mental strength is the hallmark of the grown-ups. “It was really a difficult game, we showed strength of character. This team is very strong, we never give up. I think that’s the sign of great teams: don’t panic, wait and wait for the right moment, that’s what we did. We did not give up until the end of the match. “ Same satisfaction with Paul Pogba. “We played a semi-final against a big team from Belgium and, tonight (Sunday), we played a big final against a big team from Spain, with very good quality players. We showed our qualities, which are strength and power. Fortunately for us, we were able to go up the slope and win this match. “

Finally, Didier Deschamps explained what he had said to his men at half-time to reverse the trend. “We did as against the Belgians: 20 rather interesting minutes. I told them to play, to go get them higher. We often found ourselves 3 against 3 behind. The higher we were, the more we prevented Spain from returning to their tiki-taka and that’s what we did in the second half. We were led, but only by a goal. We quickly came back. At half-time, I told them to go get them a bit, even if it means taking more risks, even if it means staying with our three central one against one. It allowed us to have more high recoveries, to create more dangers. This Spanish team still has the ability to monopolize the ball. She made us suffer. By putting more aggression into it, we made them make more mistakes. We still have this state of mind and this character which is essential at the high level to go for a victory or a title. “ What to silence the post Euro critics?

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