the hilarious cracking of a Spanish commentator on Mbappé’s goal

While the France team beat Spain (2-1) in the final of the League of Nations on Sunday evening, the second goal signed Kylian Mbappé infuriated a Spanish radio commentator, especially with his colleague in the studio who had just made fun of the French striker.

By scoring the victory goal for the Blues in the final of the League of Nations (2-1) on Sunday evening, Kylian Mbappé not only put an end to the Spanish title dreams, but he also damaged some professional relations. The proof with this hilarious excerpt from “Tiempo de Juego”, on the Cadena COPE.

While the radio show made the meeting live live to its listeners, the studio presenter, Paco Gonzalez, allowed himself a few small tackles towards the Parisian striker. “Theo (Hernandez) is faster with the ball than Mbappé without, he first dropped at the microphone. We hardly saw Mbappé.”

“Paco, shut up”

Obviously, the stick quickly returned, and in the following moments, the number 10 of the France team shook the nets to give the advantage to the tricolor camp. What caused the rage of the commentator at the stadium, Manolo Lama.

“Paco, shut it up, he said repeatedly to his black cat colleague. God damn it, shut it up, put your tongue where I think it is. Shut it up until it is. finished!” A first rant, before the second in stride, seeing the goal validated by the referee and the VAR despite an initial offside position. “If he is offside, how could the VAR miss that?”, Complained Manolo Lama. And his colleagues in the studio are also annoyed by this decision: “If he had signaled offside, nobody would complain …” How do you say, “seum” in Spanish?

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