the government tries to reassure the population with coal

India has large stocks of coal to meet demand from its power plants, the government said, in an attempt to reassure the population in the face of fears of impending power cuts in the capital New Delhi and other major cities. .

The current stockpile of fuel in the country’s coal-fired power plants stands at nearly 7.2 million tonnes, equivalent to four days of consumption, the Coal Ministry said.

Any fear of disruption to the power supply is completely out of place

In addition, state-owned mining giant Coal India has a stockpile of over 40 million tonnes which is supplied to power plants.

Any fear of disruption to the power supply is completely out of place“the ministry said.

Looming electricity crisis

New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday warned of the risk of an impending electricity crisis in the megalopolis.

The shortage in India, the world’s second largest consumer of coal, follows widespread power outages in China, which have caused plant closures and severely affected production and supply channels around the world.

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Coal powers nearly 70% of the country’s electricity production and accounts for about three-quarters of the fossil fuels it uses.

As Asia’s third-largest economy rebounds after suffering from the coronavirus, monsoon rains have inundated coal mines and disrupted transportation networks, causing prices to skyrocket for coal buyers, especially power plants.

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