The Google Pixel 6 will allow you to erase strangers from your photos

The Carphone Wearhouse, an English reseller specializing in the sale of mobiles, was undoubtedly scolded by Google this weekend. As the leaker Evan Blass first noticed, the company inadvertently published all of the pages dedicated to the future Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, although they are not due to be presented until October 19. We discover the exact technical characteristics of these devices as well as some new software. The Carphone Wearhouse has since removed these pages from its site but, unsurprisingly, screenshots are circulating online.

A magic eraser and live translation

In view of Google’s inability to keep a secret, most of the Pixel 6’s hardware characteristics have already been known for several months. However, some new software had not yet leaked. The most interesting of them is undoubtedly “Magic Eraser”, a new module integrated into the Pixel camera to erase a person or an object spoiling a photo. We don’t yet know how exactly it works, but we can imagine that Google will do better than some third-party software by taking several photos before and after the original in order to collect as much information as possible on the missing pixels. Google also promises many improvements to the portrait mode (already excellent with the Pixel 5) as well as a “Motion Mode” to create funny style effects (the people in the foreground are static, the background seems animated. ). The two Pixel 6 will be entitled to these novelties.

Second interesting software novelty (even if it had leaked a little in recent weeks), Google is preparing to boost its “Live Text” system. Today, a Pixel smartphone can automatically caption English-speaking content. With the Pixel 6, it will be able to do this in many, many languages ​​and, above all, will offer you instant translations. This means that, on YouTube, a media site or during a Zoom call, subtitles may appear at the bottom of the screen. The Pixel will take care of everything.

Finally, a new widget a priori reserved for Pixel 6 should make its appearance. ” At a glance »As Google calls it, would be able to display important information like the QR Code corresponding to your plane ticket or your cinema seat.

Also to discover in video:

50 Mpix, 48 Mpix, 30W and Tensor chip

This giant leak also confirms a lot of information about the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Unsurprisingly, we see for example that the two smartphones will use a Google Tensor chip designed with photography and security in mind. The most upscale model would be entitled to larger sensors of 50 Mpix for the main module, 48 Mpix for the telephoto lens with x4 zoom and 12 Mpix for the ultra wide-angle. We also discover that up front, Google intends to return to ultra-wide-angle selfies.

Both compatible with wireless charging, the Pixel 6 will also support 30W fast charging. The Pro model will be entitled to an OLED LTPO screen capable of oscillating between 10 and 120 Hz, like the latest iPhone and Galaxy. Finally, Google promises excellent autonomy for these devices. If all of this holds true, we should love the Pixel 6!

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