The fault of the public? Jenifer delivers a surprising explanation after her miss in The Voice

Saturday, October 9, 2021 was broadcast the second and last part of the cross-battles in The Voice All Stars. Once again, the public present on the set had the difficult task of deciding between the candidates who were competing against each other. Those who were part of Jenifer’s team unfortunately did not win the favor of the voters and were all eliminated, with the exception of Amalya. A result for which the 36-year-old coach had not prepared at all, who appeared pregnant and very emotional during the shooting. So much so that she left the set for a long time to regain her senses.

You had to be a minimum strategist and I was not at all“, she admitted during an interview for Leisure TV. And to add: “It was hot. It was very special. Especially for the talents who were waiting their turn in the stands“. Besides her lack of strategy, Jenifer believes that there was another major problem during these cross-battles, which would have seriously served her team according to her:”It was a weird audience, she estimated. They were only intermittents. Then there were a lot more women than men …“. Thus, the tele-hook candidates would have had less luck from the start than their male competitors.

Fortunately, the adventure is not over for Jenifer. With Amalya’s victory against Atef, from Patrick Fiori’s team, she and her Talent will soon meet in the semi-finals on Saturday, October 16. Amalya is one of six qualified women who will face nine men. At the end of this first live evening, six of them will go to the final, the following October 23.

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