The Beatles’ separation caused by John Lennon, according to Paul McCartney

MUSIC – Paul McCartney dots the “i’s” again. Held primarily responsible for the separation of The Beatles more than 50 years ago, the former bassist of the group delivered a completely different version of the facts during an interview with the BBC and his show This Cultural Life, scheduled to air on October 23.

In his words relayed by The Guardian this Sunday, October 10, the 79-year-old British singer-songwriter claimed that it was actually John Lennon, founder of the famous rock group also composed of Ringo Starr and George Harrison, who had led to the split of that -this. “John came over one fine day and said he was leaving The Beatles. If it doesn’t cause a separation, does that? ”Asked Paul McCartney.

According to him, the group could even have continued the adventure for a few more years if the star who was assassinated in 1980 had not said “stop”. “John was rebuilding his life with Yoko Ono. He had always wanted to break away from society because, you know, he had been brought up by his aunt Mimi, who was quite repressive, so he was always looking to break away, ”he explained.

Yet it was Paul McCartney who officially announced the dissolution of the Beatles to the world in 1970, largely blaming himself. “It was my band, it was my job, it was my life. I wanted this to continue ”, he regretted, confident that this period was“ the most difficult of his life ”.

Paul McCartney, a found guilty party

At the time, the causes advanced were multiple: disputes between the four members of the group, the arrival of Allen Klein, the new manager of the group after the death in 1967 of Brian Epstein, with whom Paul McCartney refused to work, or the relationship that John Lennon had with Yoko Ono.

Paul McCartney was quickly singled out, named as the one who had broken the dynamic of the group by calling in lawyers to settle his differences. “I had to fight and the only way I could fight was to go after the other Beatles, because they were going with Klein. And they thanked me for it years later, ”he told the BBC.

So the Beatles’ demise did not happen overnight. If the formalization took place in 1970, their separation was recorded long before, kept in silence at the request of Allen Klein, in the process of concluding trade agreements. “For a few months we had to pretend,” Paul McCartney recalled. It was weird because we all knew it was the end of the Beatles, but we couldn’t just walk away ”.

And the musician adds: “Around this time, we had small meetings and it was awful. We were a group that didn’t meet people. It was the opposite of what we were ”.

A documentary mini-series directed by Peter Jackson will also retrace the last months of the Beatles. Entitled The Beatles: Get Back, it will be broadcast at the end of November on Disney +.

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