Tatiana-Laurence Delarue victim of a terrible accident, her darling Xavier Delarue testifies

Viewers discovered Tatiana-Laurence Delarue in Secret Story. Today, the former starlet is expecting a child. But on Saturday, October 9, 2021, the future mother escaped a terrible car accident. It is his darling, Xavier Delarue, who gave his news on Instagram. We tell you everything!

I tried everything to protect him ”

Tatiana-Laurence Delarue is a personality of a very restless temperament. Last September, she revealed that she might be in danger of giving birth to her child by cesarean section. Tatiana-Laurence has experienced domestic violence in her past. In July 2020, she confided this to the Soslesmamans site: He had made me this child to control me, we would be bound for life he said. During my pregnancy he hit me too. Leaving this man did not mark the end of the violence, when he left prison when I had raised this child alone, he came back to threaten us, “tonight I am killing you with your child”.

She added: “I tried everything to protect him, asking until his placement by social services. One day the grandparents opposed my bringing my child back, and their son did everything to ensure that justice was on his side, playing the manipulation, he got his custody, since I have practically no more his news. ”, she revealed indeed.

Aged 39, the former starlet announced last week to leave her darling because the latter would have cheated on him. But she then denied her own words. Too late, the media machine resumed its post that it had yet erased. ” I ask you from the bottom of my heart. Please stop insulting the daddy of the child I’m carrying. Xavier Delarue is the victim of lies and invention that has been attributed to him since last year.

“It was only a friendship”

And to specify: ” It is a false relationship pronounced out of jealousy or revenge. I don’t know what motivates people. Invention that has been repeated for the purpose of causing harm. I don’t understand how we can do this “, She indeed indicated. Xavier Delarue has indeed proclaimed his innocence. ” He told me, proved it. […] It was just a friendship. And he has the right of course. (…) I am sure that you will make sure to stop this nightmare and relieve me. I really need it right now “.

Saturday, October 9, 2021, Tatiana-Laurence Delarue was not entitled to much rest! The young woman posted a story on Instagram. We discover the photo of a wild boar. As well as the following message: “Yesterday evening 8:30 pm, alone in the car, only 8 minutes from the house, I thought it was the end. I’ve always heard of a car accident that hits a boar, it’s always fatal… The boar in the middle of the road, on the white line, I was sure to hit it, inevitable… When I steered and found myself in 5th gear in a field. It was impossible. “, thus revealed the lover of Xavier Delarue.

Everything will be alright. Back in real life

But we must believe that the future mother has a lucky star. Because she escaped the worst. According to the main interested party, it was her child who protected her since she “Carry an angel”.

Xavier Delarue posted a message on his own Instagram account. ” Everything will be alright. Back in real life.“, He did indeed know. On the photo accompanying this post. His fans say they are reassured. ” Full of strength “,” Full of love and good vibes to you three “,” Everything will be fine “,” Congratulations “,” Everything will be fine, good luck to you two “,” Courage, it’s fine go well “; “Beautiful and be happy I kiss you very hard »Could one read among the many comments. More fear than harm !

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