“Squid Game”, the Netflix phenomenon is spilling over into schoolyards? The Ministry of National Education takes the matter “very seriously”

If you have a Netflix subscription and / or work colleagues as well as friends, you probably could not escape the global phenomenon, which came from South Korea: “Squid Game”.

A series in nine episodes, broadcast on the Netflix platform and prohibited to under 16s, due to the violence of certain scenes. The synopsis? “Tempted by a tempting prize in case of victory, hundreds of penniless players agree to compete in children’s games with deadly stakes”, details the diffuser.

The story has conquered a very large audience around the world. So much so that it quickly became the most watched series on Netflix. In a hundred countries, subscribers have rushed to their screens and it is a plebiscite. Problem: the violence of certain scenes sometimes spills over into certain schoolyards.

Alert message

In France, cases were reported by the press at the end of last week. Contacted by Nice morning, the Ministry of National Education indicates that a warning message was sent to academic directors last week. While awaiting feedback from the field, the education authorities indicate that they are taking this case. “very seriously”.

In Belgium, an establishment alerted parents. The school principal surprised students as they whipped in the face one of their classmates who had just lost in game 1,2,3, Sun, the first deadly game in the series. In reaction to this, she split a statement on the school group’s facebook page.

Dear Parents. You have surely heard of this ‘squid game’ series. In this series, characters are made to play children’s games and if they lose, they are eliminated …. they are executed! This series is forbidden to under 18s for its scenes of violence! Our students therefore have fun playing 1-2-3 sun-style games (as shown in the series) and the loser or loser receives blows…. We are very vigilant so that this unhealthy and dangerous game is stopped! We are counting on your support and collaboration to make your children aware of the consequences that this can have! Sanctions will be taken vis-à-vis the children who continue this game (to hit other children… it is quite obvious that 1-2-3 sun is allowed!) “, can we read on the page.

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