Spain: The bitterness of Laporte

While holding the victory, Spain lost Sunday in the final of the League of Nations against France (1-2). The Iberians could not resist the tricolor furia, abandoning a trophy that seemed promised to them. An infuriating defeat that some players had a hard time digesting. This was particularly the case with Aymeric Laporte.

“We were better than France”

The native back of Agen, who was facing his former French team for the first time, appeared very frustrated with the turn of events at the final whistle. “I think we have shown that we are a great team. We showed a better face than France. But in football it is only the result that counts and tonight it did not happen for us », He confided with a lot of bitterness.

After the Belgian seum, there is therefore the Spanish seum, but there is no doubt that Laporte’s frustration also finds its source in the complicated history he has had with the France team. While it was his priority choice, the Basque was ignored by Didier Deschamps and therefore had to fall back on the Seleccion to have an international career.

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