soon to be free screening tests even without a prescription?

published on Monday, October 11, 2021 at 12:25 p.m.

The Assembly is studying the possibility of generalizing the device “In the lab without ordo” which allows to be tested free of charge without prescription. A “good answer” according to the president of the French Society for the fight against AIDS while “the delay in diagnosis is very high in France”, being able “to reach 4 years”.

For two years, the “Au labo sans ordo” device, allowing free HIV testing without a prescription, had been tested in Paris and in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. One of the measures of the Social Security financing bill, studied in committee at the National Assembly as of Monday, October 11, proposes to generalize this device. A “good answer” to fight against the epidemic, according to Pascal Pugliese, the president of the French Society for the fight against AIDS.

If, in 2019, six million HIV tests were performed in the laboratory, the figure fell by 15% in 2020 with the Covid epidemic. “The impact of Covid-19 is very strong on the fight against HIV and to meet our objectives of ending the epidemic by 2030, we must multiply the offers “, indicated on franceinfo Pascal Pugliese, also president of the regional coordination committee for the fight against HIV in the PACA-East zone.

“Over the experimentation period and despite the confinement period,” In the lab without ordo “represents 7% of the total volume of the number of serologies performed. When compared to 2018, this overall increases the volume of screening“, he underlined, considering that the first objective of the device was fulfilled.

Another objective of the system: to attract people exposed to the risk of HIV. “Indeed, we also realize that we have a seropositivity rate with this offer of non-prescription screening which is higher than with the prescribed tests. We have the impression thatwe attract particularly exposed people“, explained Pascal Pugliese.

Besides, “the delay in diagnosis is very high in France since it can reach 4 years. And within this period, of course, the person alters his immunity and can also transmit the virus “, he warns while each year in France between 5,000 and 6,000 people discover their HIV status.

If the device is generalized, from next January 1, to perform an HIV screening test, it will therefore suffice to “enter a laboratory with (his) vital card, request an HIV test” and “you have the results in the 24 hours “, explains Pascal Pugliese, stressing that this is addressed to all the people” who expose themselves “, in particular those” who have sexual relations not systematically protected by a condom “.

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