six new families are arriving this Monday, October 11 (PHOTOS)

Several new tribes are arriving in Large families, life in XXL this Monday, October 11 on TF1. We present them to you!

From this Monday, October 11, TF1 is launching a new chapter of Large families with the continuation of the adventures of certain clans (who remains? Who leaves?) such as the marriage of Amber and Alexandre Dol and the arrival of several XXL tribes. To get to know them better, TV-Leisure offers you a small presentation of these new families, which you will discover over the days of the week on TF1.

The Jean Zéphirin family: the family of 7 champions

Raoudha, 36, a stay-at-home mother and Stéphane, 36, plumber, who fell in love at the age of 15 and a half, are parents of seven champions: Maël, 15, judo champion, Deynis, 14, champion of boxing, Timéo, 10 years old, Emma, ​​7 years old, Lila-Rose, 6 years old, two little girls who dance, Maloé, 4 years old, and finally, the youngest, Rubenn, 6 months old. The couple are expecting their eighth child. “We want to show that even if we are in a difficult neighborhood, a modest environment, we can get by, be well educated, work well at school and have the means to succeed “, explains the couple.

The Dunand family: 7 at home

Aurélie, 38, nursery assistant and Cédric, 52, self-employed person in the personal service, have five children: Louane, 17 years old and Célia, 14 years old, whom the father had from a first union, then the The couple had together, Léanne, 10 years old, Maélie, 6 years old and Milane, 4 years old. They want to prove that they are “a large, blended, happy and modern family “. The family is lucky enough to live in a chalet surrounded by nature.

Romero family: the family with an XXL heart

Souad, 36, and Mario, 38, recycling center guard, have five “wonderful children”: Rachel, 20, Kézia, 15, Mario, 12, Laina, 6 and finally “The Jefe “, the family mascot, Isaac, 4 years old. “We are a large gypsy family. There is no shortage of clichés here. Of course, we like to party “, parents comment.

The Saffré family: 10 times more love

Céline, 38, on parental leave and Fabrice, 46, head of a company with around 50 employees, have ten children: Johan, 21, and Bastien, 19, from a previous marriage to Fabrice and then, Paul, 11, Jean, 10, Adèle, 9, Louis, 7, Charles, 5, Marcel, 3, Rose, 2, and Valentine, 8 months. “We have a very traditional pattern with a business owner dad and a stay-at-home mom. It’s a choice we made a long time ago and which allows us each to flourish in our role”, they indicate.

The Fanich family: a life of construction

Émilie and Franck, 35, are going to welcome their eighth child and have embarked on a crazy project: buy and completely renovate a house.

The Vantorre family: a move

The tribe of four children will leave Martinique to return to France: “We move, we leave for a lifetime. It’s going to be a radical change for the whole family”.

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