“She had taken her distance” (VIDEO)

Guest of the Jordan de Luxe show, actress Marie-Anne Chazel spoke of her rather weak relationship with the late Anemone. She confides in this personality very on the fringes of the famous band of splendid.

Marie-Anne Chazel is one of the indestructible members of the troop of splendid, behind some of the best comedies in the history of French cinema. The one that made millions of viewers laugh in Visitors, Santa Clause is garbage or The Bronzed was entitled to a beautiful tribute during the last Caesar ceremony. An event during which the merry fellows all got together. But a small controversy swelled because the late one Anemone was not entitled to any particular honor or reward. A situation that some fans of the band find regrettable, even downright unfair as his contribution has been notable.

Anemone was not a member of the Splendid gang

Guest of the show The Luxury Moment, Marie-Anne Chazel opened up about it and felt that her former colleague had not participated in the writing of the scripts, and that she had, as a bonus, moved away from her former friends, which, in fact, could no longer allow it to be considered as an inseparable element of the splendid. In the same way as Martin Lamotte, she was ultimately considered squarely as a person outside the entity. The former companion of Christian Clavier – whom she does not want to talk about, out of respect for her current husband, note – however acknowledged that her relationship with Anemone was not as bad as it might seem.

Marie-Anne Chazel evokes a “rebellious” personality

Just as she specifies that there was never any settling of scores between the deceased and the others. “I had known for two years that she had cancer”, she said for example, about the disease that took her. And if she recognizes that her former sidekick “had taken some distance” with everyone, Marie-Anne Chazel nevertheless continued to go see Anémone play at the theater from time to time. Then to conclude, on his very particular temperament: “I did not follow Anemone at the end of her life. In general, life seemed difficult to her. As soon as we knew her, she was rebellious. She still had this inner anger, she was not happy with what could happen to her “. A sequence to find in our video above and available in full on Télé Star Play.

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