seven years in prison required against Saïd Bouteflika, brother of the former president

Saïd Bouteflika is implicated with other former officials in corruption cases.

A seven-year prison sentence was requested Monday (October 11th) against Saïd Bouteflika, the younger brother of the late ex-Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, implicated with other former officials in corruption cases, said one of the officials. his lawyers at AFP. “There is nothing in the file. Only statements. It’s an empty folder. It is a political and not a judicial matter“Denounced Me Salim Hadjouti, regretting that the prosecution requested”seven years in prisonAgainst his client, a former presidential advisor who had become all-powerful because of his brother’s illness.

The prosecution also requested, according to the same source, 10 years firm against Tayeb Louh, former Minister of Justice, seven years against Ali Haddad, former leader of Algerian employers, and sentences of three to seven years against the other co-accused. , all tried since Sunday by the court of Dar El Beïda, in the eastern suburbs of Algiers. Saïd Bouteflika and the other defendants are notably prosecuted for “incitement to falsify official documents“,”abuse of office“,”obstruction of justice“,”incitement to partiality of justice” and “contempt of court“.

The accused still in prison

Saïd Bouteflika, 63, was arrested in May 2019 along with three co-accused and sentenced in September of the same year to 15 years’ imprisonment in a flash trial before a military court for “conspiracy against the authority of the state and the army“. On January 2, 2021, a military appeal court had acquitted him, but was under a warrant of committal for “BriberyHe had been transferred from a military prison to a civilian prison.

Since the forced resignation at the beginning of April 2019 of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who died in September, under the pressure of the demonstrations of Hirak and the army, the Algerian justice placed in preventive detention or condemned several former high political leaders as well as powerful men of ‘business, in particular for acts of corruption.

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