Saliba already on the slippery slope in Marseille?

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ASSE supporters are still struggling to recover. Seeing William Saliba leave Forez in the summer of 2019 to sign for Arsenal, they could not imagine seeing him return to L1 under the OGC Nice jersey in early 2021 and even less that of OM this season.

Yet the 20-year-old center-back has been loaned each time to gain playing time he lacked in London. Since his arrival at OM, Saliba has been one of the essential elements of Jorge Sampaoli and has a series of tenure.

“I expected more from Saliba”

If the former rock of ASSE generally agrees with the Argentinian technician to give him his confidence, it does not prevent voices starting to rise against this choice. In particular that of Gilles Favard, disappointed with his overall performances with those of a certain Mattéo Guendouzi.

“OM Sampaoli is not brilliant, it has young players on loan, which is not a good sign. I think that the recruitment is azimuth and the mayonnaise will not take, he breathed on the channel L’Équipe. The guys who are going to find themselves on the bench, they are going to make the face and he will lose them. Mandanda’s story can cost him dearly, apart from Payet there aren’t many OM alumni left. I am disappointed with some players, I expected more from Saliba, Guendouzi. Because if Guendouzi is good, it means that the others are very bad. “

to summarize

Loaned by Arsenal to OM this summer, William Saliba (20) does not breathe serenity on each of his outings with the Marseille club. Gilles Favard does not hide to say his disappointment about the former defender of ASSE.

Bastien Aubert

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