Russian hacker attacks are on the rise, Google warns

Russian hackers are going on the offensive, Google recently warned its users. The American giant found that Gmail accounts were the victims of an unusually high number of phishing attacks.

Google has warned 14,000 of its users that a hacker had tried to steal their password, reports Bleeping Computer relayed by 01net. 86% of these attacks come from APT28, or “Fancy Bear”. This is a group of hackers who are said to have close ties to Russian military intelligence.

Microsoft protects itself less well

Google still wants to be reassuring: all these attacks have been identified and blocked. The tech giant specifies that certain accounts represent privileged targets. “If you are an activist, a journalist, a member of government or if you work for national security, these alerts should not surprise you,” Shane Huntley, head of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, said on Twitter.

“State groups will inevitably try to send you something one day”, adds the specialist. For its part, Microsoft makes the same observation as Google. In its annual Digitial Defense Report, released on Friday, the company indicates that 58% of cyberattacks come from Russian hackers, ahead of North Korea, Iran and China.

Problem: Microsoft is less confident than Google. Russian hackers seem to be more and more efficient. The Redmond firm indicates that the compromise rate of these attacks has dropped from 21% to 32% in one year. Preferred targets are government agencies in the United States, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

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