revolution or lack of taste?

Toyota has just presented a strange three-wheeled scooter, sold for over € 2,500.

Innovation sometimes comes down to details, little things that change everything. But sometimes it is also good to deconstruct the whole of a project, to resume it from its base. This is surely what the engineers at Toyota said, while the Japanese brand was in the process of designing a three-wheeled scooter. Because after all, why not?

In their defense, three-wheeled scooters were very well adopted by the public when they arrived a few years ago, more stable these are now very present on the market, especially in large cities where they are highly valued products.

Toyota did not hesitate to present its C + Walk, reinventing in the process a product over 80 years old and therefore the design had never really evolved. Despite its comeback in the early 2010s with the arrival of electric scooters, no company had ever taken the risk of touching this design, simple and appreciated by all.

Toyota: a brand that dares

But at Toyota, we like to reinvent things. Already in 1997, the Japanese firm, then withdrawn from the world of automobile manufacturers, surprised the whole planet by presenting the Prius. The specificity of this car? Quite simply, it’s the very first hybrid vehicle ever sold in history. A real revolution when we know the turn that the automotive world has taken over the past two decades.

From there to saying that all scooters in 20 years will have three wheels, there is only one step. But before conquering the catalogs of the competition, this model will have to prove itself to a public already very satisfied with the existing products. The first point to look at, one of the most important, is speed. If the scooters are now all clamped, the c + walk will not need that. It only achieves top speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

Industrial uses?

But despite this low speed, the C + Walk has several advantages. The three-wheeled scooter carries with it an automatic radar that can anticipate braking in an emergency.

It is then possible to imagine several uses for this model. If it should not fill our streets in the coming years, C + Walk scooters could very well make their arrival in airports, to move quickly and effortlessly from one hall to another, or even in warehouses. gigantic companies like Amazon or Ikea which make their employees travel tens of kilometers every day.

For the moment marketed in Japan at a price of 341,000 Yen, or 2,650 €, the scooter still has a long way to go to seduce the general public.

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