Records, ceiling and 220 million at stake … Why the Euromillions draw on Tuesday, October 12 will be historic

In the coming weeks, the all-time Euromillions winning record should be broken. It could be as of this Tuesday, October 12 where 220 million will be put into play.

After the 202 million on Friday, October 8, the Euromillions jackpot climbs one more level and is approaching the absolute ceiling. The upcoming draws will be historic. We explain why.

How much will be at stake this Tuesday, October 12?

While the jackpot of 202 million was not won this Friday, October 8 despite the 52 million grids played, it is 220 million that will be put into play this Tuesday, October 12, a new automatic level. Never has a European lottery jackpot put so much money into play. As such, the draw on Tuesday is already historic.

What is the record of earnings?

The Euromillions winning record so far is 210 million euros. It was won on February 26, 2021 by a Swiss player. The French record for the Euromillions is 200 million, won in December 2020.

With 220 million at stake this Tuesday evening, and even more in the weeks to come if the jackpot is not won, the Euromillions will beat a new historic record.

What is the earnings limit?

The general public probably does not know it, but the winnings at the Euromillions have been capped at 250 million euros since last year (190 million until then). Thus, if the jackpot of 220 million is not won this Tuesday, October 12, it can be replayed five times consecutively until October 26 according to the draw-winner site. After this date, the pot will cross a new level of 230 million. Up to 250 million? This sum has never been put into play and it will take several weeks before it gets there, but it is already making the players salivate.

Note that at 250 million euros, the draw will inevitably make people happy since the sum will necessarily be shared between the players.

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