PS5 stocks: several years before a return to normal?

Hardware news PS5 stocks: several years before a return to normal?

Unless it has cut itself off from the video game world in recent months, it is well known that the PlayStation 5 is out of stock following its release in November 2020. If the shortage continues, Sony does not intend to sit idly by as This is evidenced by its new partnership.

According to the Nikkei Asia newspaper, Sony and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic chips) are planning a partnership for the creation of a new factory dedicated to the creation of chips. It would be located in the prefecture of Kumamoto (south of the Japanese archipelago, on the island of Kyushu). Such an investment is estimated at 800 billion yen (6.1 billion euros) : a project whose costs will be partially covered by the Japanese government (up to 400 billion yen).

This plant will be dedicated to the creation of semiconductors used by camera sensors, chips for the automotive sector as well as for other products “affected by the shortage of fleas“. One way of saying that chips for PlayStation 5 are also the order of the day and that we can approach the end of the console’s stock-out. However, we will have to be patient if such a project sees the light of day: the deployment of the plant is not expected before 2024.. A date that corroborates with comments recently in the press. Recently, Takeshi Kamebuchi (director of semiconductors at Toshiba) indicated that chip supply will remain complicated at least during the first part of the year 2022, while some customers on the waiting list may have to wait until 2023. .

Source: Nikkei Asia, relayed by Reuters

PS5 stocks: several years before a return to normal?
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