Preview Forza Horizon 5: Our first take on the motorized open world that nothing can stop

Preview Forza Horizon 5: Our first opinion on the motorized open world that nothing stops

Announced with great fanfare at Microsoft’s Showcase 2021, Forza Horizon 5 has impressed its audience with its bloated graphics worthy of the new generation of Xbox. Three years after the opening of the British edition of the famous festival, the pregnant and pretty motorized babies of the biggest automobile brands are crossing the Atlantic to conquer Mexico. As well as the hearts of players hungry for thrills.

Preview conditions

We tested an Xbox Series X version of Forza Horizon 5 that only included a small part of the campaign, but offered the entire open-world to visit. The build had neither the Forzathon, nor the EventLab, nor the shared world online. All screenshots in this preview were self-made.

Our first impressions of Forza Horizon 5

El Chupacabra-cadabra

Forza Horizon 5: Our first opinion on the motorized open world that nothing stops

This is madness“. These are the words that emerge from our subconscious during the first fifteen minutes spent at the most rowdy motorized festival of the decade. Is it the fact of being dropped from a plane to land a few kilometers from a volcano? in activity that makes us doubt the sanity of the organizers? Unless it is the rush operated blindly at the wheel of a Corvette speeding in the middle of a sandstorm? On the occasion of its fifth Horizon festival, Playground Games allows itself all the excesses. Barely recovered from the inaugural race which defies many conventions, the player is invited within a minute to participate in the first gathering of the adventure. Fans of the series particularly appreciate these very arcade events which reward the seasoned pilot who has achieved a certain influence by making him face trains, hovercrafts or even hot air balloons. The adversary of the day is multiple: it first takes the imposing form of a plane (whose captain is none other than Scott Tyler, the host of Bass Arena) which then swings two bikers from the hold story of annoying the driver on the simmangu floor. The finish is played out in the air, when one of the two two-wheeled loustiques leaps from his mount to unfold his wingsuit and dash better towards the finish line. Here is a sacred appetizer.

come as you Are

Forza Horizon 5 improves the avatar editor implemented in Forza Horizon 4. It is now possible to change hairstyles, but also to graft prostheses. Finally, two types of voice are selectable, because yes, the avatar speaks in this new episode.

You would have understood it, Forza Horizon 5 always aims higher, always faster, always stronger, even though the previous installment would have already reached new heights on many levels. This episode is therefore the one that enjoys the largest open-world, the highest climax, and the most varied biomes in the series. The map is indeed full of sandy deserts, green jungles, ruined temples, beaches, canyons. A quaint little town is also part of the game, as well as a seaside resort and a snow-capped volcano. Flying in the hands, this Mexico reconstituted by the artists of Playground does not disappoint. It is easy to switch from asphalt to side road, and there is always an element in the decor that encourages exploration. Between the many types of terrain and dynamic weather, Forza Horizon 5 puts driving skills to the test. As usual, there are a number of options available to make things even worse if by chance we find the basic challenge too easy. The playground is necessarily reminiscent of Forza Horizon 3 with its exotic locations, despite the absence of a large metropolis to explore. We are obviously waiting to be able to progress in the campaign to check the winding paths set up by the developers. What is certain is that rushing hair in the wind in heavenly settings with good music in your ears always has its small effect. Since we are talking about the soundtrack, know that the iconic radios are back and that Mexican artists are in the spotlight.

Mexico, maxi yes!

Forza Horizon 5: Our first opinion on the motorized open world that nothing stops

When a publisher gives access, for a preview, to the entire open world that he shapes via a build to download directly to his console, it is because he has confidence in his product. This preview version of Forza Horizon 5 is rarely faulty. You just have to stop for a moment and activate the photo mode to realize the incredible work of Playground. The floors are extremely detailed, the vehicles are beautifully modeled and the special effects are compelling. On Xbox Series X, the “Quality”Displays 4K at 30fps where the option“Performance”Allows the sacrosanct 60fps despite slightly less gleaming graphics. Compared to the Series X version of the fourth installment, Forza Horizon 5 erases some technical imperfections. the level of detail is much less noticeable than before, and the shadows finally stop moving in spurts during the day-night cycle. The visible dirt on the body depending on the type of terrain traveled further gains in credibility. To be honest, it’s hard to notice a glaring difference between “Quality”And the“Performance”, Unlike what we had with Forza Horizon 4 on One X. Everyone will have an opinion on the question, but on our side, we have trouble doing without this 60fps bringing more nervousness to the screen, transcribing better the impression of speed. Preview version obliges, some small bugs were still present, such as sometimes strange contours of clouds, problems of sound during certain dialogues, sometimes endless loads and the absence of raytracing. This should all be fixed before the game crosses the finish line in early November. If we had to be choosy, we would say that the cities are perhaps a little too empty for our taste, that the damage is still too superficial and that the different protagonists we meet are victims of the syndrome. uncanny valley.

Forza Horizon 5: Our first opinion on the motorized open world that nothing stops

Comparison table between the different versions (data provided by Microsoft):

Platform Max resolution Max framerate HDR Raytracing (in ForzaVista mode)
Xbox Series X (Quality Mode) 3840 x 2160 30 Yes Yes
Xbox Series X (Performance Mode) 3840 x 2160 60 Yes No
Xbox Series S (Quality Mode) 1920 x 1080 30 Yes Yes
Xbox Series S (Performance Mode) 1920 x 1080 60 Yes No
Xbox one x 3840 x 2160 30 Yes No
Xbox one s 1920 x 1080 30 Yes No
Xbox one 1920 x 1080 30 No No
Pc No limits No limits Yes Yes

As for accessible events, Forza Horizon 5 follows in the wake of its older models with circuit races, cross-country, and a whole bunch of side objectives ranging from gates to go through to speed cameras to be triggered. Here, completing challenges earns the required points of distinction for progression. Even if the countryside seems for the moment to be stripped without causing an indigestible pile of missions on the map, we still have a lot to discover before deciding on the quality of the main adventure and its major changes. . What we can say is that once again the sensations are excellent and the app seems to be teeming with unlockable content. Among other things, we noticed legendary horns allowing you to play the mythical melodies of Ori, Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie or Doom. We now have only one hurry: to immerse ourselves in the countryside for good in order to discover the expeditions as well as the new gatherings. We hope that despite a formula more often corrected than revised, Forza Horizon will continue to surprise us.

Our impressions

Our first lap at the controls of the Forza Horizon 5 racing car proves us that it has some under the hood. But who doubted it? Microsoft is indeed on the right track to deliver a stunning Mexican edition of its famous Horizon festival. More beautiful, bigger and even a little crazier than before, it impresses with its playground, which is suitable for many motorized skirmishes. No, nothing took us out of the leather-finished interior designed by Playground Games during this preview, except for this slight feeling of déjà vu / already played, necessarily perceptible when a formula evolves shortly after almost ten years of existence. However, it remains to find out what the campaign has in store for us, and see if Horizon Arcade has enough to make us forget the Forzathon Live.

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October 11, 2021 at 3:00:25 PM

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