Pogba moves the Blues, Lloris congratulates Benzema… Backstage images of France-Spain

In the aftermath of France’s victory against Spain in the final of the League of Nations (2-1), the FFF broadcast a behind-the-scenes film on Monday. We see in particular Paul Pogba shaking the troops at half-time, and Didier Deschamps joking about the summer failure at the Euro.

The images have obviously been sorted and selected by the Federation, but they allow to know a little more, all the same, on how the French team behaved on Sunday night at San Siro. In the aftermath of the Blues’ victory against Spain in the final of the League of Nations (2-1), the FFF posted a film on Monday showing the backstage of the meeting, before, during and after the tricolor coronation .

Between two appearances of players in underwear, we see for example, during the preparation phase, a Didier Deschamps in conversation with Paul Pogba on the massage table. “It’s going to be a fight, launches the coach to his men. We can be in pain. Suffer together guys!” And Raphaël Varane spoke vehemently: “It’s a fucking final, we have a fucking opportunity to win a trophy! (…) 90 minutes thoroughly!”

Pogba wants aggression

Problem: the first 45 are generally missed by the Blues. So at the break, Deschamps has to reframe everyone a bit. “Calm, calm, asks the French coach first. We can hurt them, we will hurt them, but not like that. We make the efforts, we quadrille. (…) It was a fight, c It’s hard, but we don’t give up. There will be efforts to be made, we have to hurt them more. “

An opinion visibly shared by Paul Pogba who, from his chair, lets it be known that he did not appreciate the first act. “You have to be aggressive, it starts in front, everyone, in front and after behind, thunders the Manchester United midfielder. Yes we are going to run, they are quality players, but we also have quality. We have the ball, we have to keep it. We keep it and we will hurt them. We go aggressive in the second half, we do a real pressing. “

Lloris to Benzema: “You’re a monster brother”

A comeback and three goals later, the Blues won with undisguised joy. In the middle of the Milanese lawn, Hugo Lloris comes to congratulate Karim Benzema, author of a superb goal on the French equalizer: “You’re a monster brother”, slips the goalkeeper to his former partner in Lyon.

While Griezmann admits being “tired”, that Mbappé takes advantage of having won “one more title” and that Pogba is proud to “bring the cup home”, Deschamps allows himself a little note of humor by referring to The missed Euro: “How good it is when you win matches, when you win titles. We’re not used to it,” laughs the technician. And to conclude more seriously: “It’s fabulous, there were emotions, a beautiful script, technical quality … And what state of mind, what character!”

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