Pass of arms between Leonardo and Thomas Tuchel

Licensed last January, Thomas Tuchel does not miss an opportunity to send from time to time small spades that PSG. Leonardo, the sports director of the Parisian club, responded to the latest exit of the current Chelsea coach.

Thomas Tuchel draws against PSG …

A few months after his appointment to Chelsea last January, Thomas tuchel achieved the feat of winning the Champions League. A performance not so surprising if we are to believe the manager of the Blues, who spoke of the favorable conditions he enjoys in London.

“It’s easy to land and train Chelsea. If Chelsea have the credibility of the big clubs, it is thanks to a perfect organization, which eliminates distances and facilitates communication. It allows me to be focused and creative. I have nothing to think about other than the Wednesday or Saturday game. The organization is simple and clear, there is no interference. I really feel supported by the club ”, said the German coach at the Sport Festival in Italy, organized by La Gazzetta dello Sport. Without ever citing PSG, Mauricio Pochettino’s predecessor subtly slips a tight tackle to his former employer, whose sports director was present at this ceremony.

Leonardo responds cash to Thomas Tuchel

Of passage in conference after the words of Thomas tuchel, Leonardo had the opportunity to react and respond to the Blues coach. However, the leader of Paris Saint-Germain preferred not to fuel the controversy too much. “I do not hide that there were differences, but I think that this relationship and these differences were able to give an impetus and a push to make the season that we made and to reach the final of the C1 la next season “Leonardo replied.

Returning to the circumstances of Tuchel’s departure, Leonardo says in particular: “the separation was natural. The previous year, complicated situations destabilized the environment. It is human that points of view differ, it was difficult to establish a relationship between us. Even though I think it was difficult, he came before me, with a way of working. Then it’s a very complicated year, we were eliminated by United in the round of 16 when there was so much waiting.

He loses in the final of the Coupe de France, there is a complicated movement around him. It destabilizes everything. Then comes back someone who was already there, who has a relationship with the president and the owners and decides to do things differently. It was difficult to establish anything between us. I’m sincere, between us: I think this stuff has been good for a year. It was an internal contrast that energized everyone. We reached the final of the Champions League, lost against Bayern. In the long term, it would have been difficult, it was towards the end of the contract, we decided earlier. “

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